Clothes Catalogues for People with Bad Credit

If you already know that you have a bad credit rating or a poor credit history then you are less likely to be accepted for a credit account at many of the clothes catalogues listed on our website.

Every clothes catalogue featured performs a credit check on your personal credit file prior to accepting you for an account and in deciding what credit limit to offer you, if any.

From our experience you have a better chance of being accepted for credit if your first order (when you open or apply for an account) is of low value, around the £60-£100 mark. This may improve your chances of acceptance as it lowers the risk for the catalogue company. If you are granted a credit account, then so long as you manage your account well and continue with regular payments, on time and even pay your account statement in full each month, after around 6 months you may be eligible for an increase in your credit limit if you ask the company or they may even offer an increase to you directly. It is important that you only spend what you can afford and that you budget your monthly minimum payments accordingly.